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UK: (020) 3286 3884 mentoring and franchise organization gets you on-track for a lifelong career as your own boss! It's the best solution for people who don't have time for retraining, and a sensible one for those who do!

You can start your own web design company and be open for business in just DAYS!

What is an independent web designer?

Your Own Boss

Work your own hours, yet get the moral support you wouldn't if you started off on your own.

Whether you have worked in web design in the past or not, the ability to choose the part of the web design business you want to focus on means that as an franchisee you are way better off.

Automatically Recognized

When you open a McDonald's, Subway, Taco Bell, or Pizza Hut franchise, you don't need to explain what you offer.

When you create your own brand, it's not so easy.

Carry yourself with integrity, let people know who you are with, and hand them your card and the number of people who immediately dismiss you will be a fraction of the number who would do so while you're trying to develop your own brand.

All of the benefits with none of the downsides

Whether you are planning to find a comfortable income and lifestyle for yourself, or you are planning to start immediately with a full office and team, is there cultivating and enabling your business to scale and expand, or stabilize depending on what you choose.

Also, in 10 years there are 3653 days, 80 paid national holidays in the US, 2609 weekdays, which means 2529 work days. If you include your daily routine you're lucky only have one hour to and from work each day.

When I think back about how I must've blown over 5000 hours going to and from work each day when right now I just have to pull out of bed, make an espresso, turn on the computer and get to work, I can only shake my head and be thankful that those days are done.

Someone who outperforms the competition

both your clients and your competitors will sit back asking themselves how you can possibly offer such fast turnaround times, such a huge variety of services, and still offer competitive rates.

The secret will be that you can do as much or as little of your tasks yourself, and leave the rest to the other members of as you choose

Someone who sees the timing

One web designer starts to be too busy to help all of their clients when they get to about 4 big business clients or 10 smaller clients.

Literally over 95% of websites are completely inadequate to keep up with the online market, and even more (as a percentage) for local businesses are antequated.

Being found now means being found online

With such a huge potential client base there's plenty of room for everyone.

Anyone Who Wants An Opportunity to Make More Money

If you're like me, then you've had many many days in your life where you're either frustrated, worried, or bummed out over the fact that you just not making enough money.

As a web designer, 24 hours a day, you can actually do something if you have some extra time to make some more money.

Imagine that. It's three in the morning and you can just get up, get a little bit ahead on the tasks your clients have given you, and actually do something about your money problems without even leaving the house or speaking to someone.


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