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Terms / Franchisee Agreement


We highly encourage you to thoroughly read our site and ask us any questions you may have before purchasing your franchise.

It is your responsibility to adequately research our services and ask any and all questions before making the purchase of your franchise, and as such a request for a refund is entirely due to your failure to perform due diligence.

Since many of our franchisees would like to get started as soon as possible, we generally begin to prepare your administrator access to the billing portal and send your information for your business cards to the printer within 12 hours of purchase.

Furthermore, there is an unavoidable cost involved in both receiving payments from you and also for refunding your payment to you.

Because of the above factors, and not necessarily exclusive to them, refund amounts are therefore contingent on and subject to various deductions that are subject to change without notice.

Some of these deductions are:

  • Administrative fees of $30 per hour for time spent on tasks such as (but not limited to) creating your subdomain, administrator billing portal, and custom graphics for your business cards.
  • Cost of business cards if the request for a refund was too late to cancel their printing
  • A $100 flat fee to compensate for transaction fees ( which may or may not include deductions of our control i.e. fees from your bank)
  • Proprietary information access fee to compensate for the temporary access to areas owned by containing company secrets. The value of this fee is entirely at the discretion of Dan Fradenburgh and
No refunds of franchise fees will be made of any amount once four weeks have passed since the franchise purchase.

Code of Behavior

As a franchisee, you are a stakeholder in the brand image of and also of yourself and those you hire or volunteer for your branch.

You are free to approach the public in person or enlist the assistance of some agent under you to do so in order to gain more clients.

You or your agent are required to identify yourself as an independent franchisee owner-operator and not as a representative of the international body outside of your capacity as an independent owner operator.

You are free to engage in pay per click online advertising, print advertising, radio advertising, television advertising, or affiliate activities as long as it uses only approved and unedited logos and reflects in a positive light.

Whether or not the above types of advertising reflects in a positive light is at the sole discretion of Dan Fradenburgh and and the penalties for failing to publicly reflect in a positive light may include any combination of warnings, cancellation franchise rights, and fines.

You may NOT engage in spamming, and all e-mail-based correspondence must be in accordance with CAN SPAM regulations and all other applicable laws.

While the legal implications of the term 'spamming' in CAN SPAM and other regulations may be defined differently, in the context of this code of behavior beyond these regulations and only as of franchisee of the term 'spamming' will be defined as any combination of:

  • Sending multiple unsolicited e-mails to any single recipient
  • Mass e-mailing to a list of 50 or more addresses in a single or multiple batch campaign where the e-mail list(s) was compiled using any method other than in person or by a source approved by

Any attempt to gain unauthorized entry or access to the billing portal or the data it contains and accesses for any reason whatsoever will result in immediate forfeiture of all franchise fees and outstanding payments. Violators will also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


If there is no activity in your account for 60 days, your franchise will go into a dormant status, but will not be terminated.

Any activity such as outsourcing a task to our head office or network, adding a new client, posting billable hours inside your administrator billing portal, having ads or materials approved by head office or placing an order for more materials, will remove the dormant status.

If you have not obtained a title from other than owner operator, there are no consequences for your franchise to have a dormant status.

If you have obtained the title, falling into dormant status for period of six months without written notice of intent to continue in that capacity of your title and a description of the circumstances to explain the dormant status, your title may be downgraded to owner operator at the sole discretion of Dan Fradenburgh and

Violation of our code of behavior may result in cancellation of your franchise.

If we terminate your franchise due to such violations, there will be no refund of the initial franchise fee, and any outstanding payments for billable hours minus reasonable damages or fines if applicable will be made to you within 30 days.

In the unfortunate event that you decide you would like to cancel your franchise, it is your responsibility to inform us in writing at least 30 days in advance of the final day you will make use of your title has an franchisee.

As stated previously in the refunds section of our terms, no refunds of franchise fees will be made of any amount once four weeks have passed since the franchise purchase.

Upon termination of franchise for whatever reason, any and all attempts to access assets including but not limited to the billing portal is strictly prohibited and unauthorized. Any attempt to do so will result in immediate forfeiture of any outstanding payments as well as whatever legal action we see fit.


It is your responsibility to do adequate research of your community, and to assess the viability of a franchise in your area before purchasing and franchise.

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to maintain your current source of employment and sources of income, and any decision to depend on income from your franchise is entirely at your own risk. Success in business requires effort, discipline, adequate finances, perseverance, luck, direction, versatility, research, and many other intangibles that cannot be reasonably expected or even possible to be provided from a company.

As such, cannot be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for lost wages or opportunities of any kind.

We do our best to provide the best training we can, but since there are always an infinite number of factors beyond our control it is your responsibility to accept or decline any advice or suggestions and the consequences of that choice are solely for you to bear.

Furthermore Dan Fradenburgh and cannot be held responsible for any misinterpretations you have or the consequences that follow from them.

Any actions you choose, regardless of the role we played in that decision, are done at your own risk.

Outsourcing and Commissions

Commissions on franchisee referrals are for the percent agreed upon inside the affiliate agreement and not a flat rate.

As such, commissions will vary based on promotional discounts if any.

Commissions of this type will be paid no sooner than 30 days after the purchase of franchise.

We will do everything we can to ensure that you get credit for your referrals, but it makes it easier for everybody if you either: a) call or e-mail us letting us know the name of the referral beforehand b) introduce your referral in a conference call or c) ensure that the referral otherwise lets us know that you referred us to them.

Any additional details will be part of your affiliate agreement.

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